Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 Tips to Loving a Leo

1. First thing first you should know more than anything else, a Leo needs to feel special and unique. When a Leo is in a relationship they need that constant admiration from their partner.

2. When a Leo loves that love goes deep because a Leo has a huge enormous heart and full of generosity.  Most Leos will not hesitate or be afraid to show or express their feelings, when that love is ignored or the lack of appreciation surface the Leo will think twice before showing that love again

3.The fastest way to your Leos heart is through appreciation and ego strokes but not too much. Notice and compliment them on their talents and creative way and you may have them in the palm of your mind. But a Leo will also let you believe that you have them in the palm of your hands…be careful lol

4. In order to turn a Leo on appreciate and compliment their sexual qualities. A true Leo is the showman, and will  give an excellent sexual performance as well. If one wants to immediately turn off a Leo, then just simply compare your past sexual history with your ex lovers. The King and Queen of the jungles do NOT like Comparison so DON’T do it! 

5.  A Leos pride will not let them admit it, but they thrive on admiration and adoration.  If you show your Leo that you will support them and be there in the good and bad times your Leo will always remain loyal to you.

6.  If you accuse your Leo of bad intentions, criticize them, or show no interest in their goals or dreams it can cause a  major breakdown and make the Leo have self doubts….but that phase will only be momentarily

7.  COMMUNICATION IS KEY when it comes to your dear Leo.  Express to them the 5 W’s
What, Why, When, Where, Who and even throw in “How”……playing the guessing game with the Leo will cut their patience short so articulate what you are trying to say briefly and not long winded….long explantion simply can mean a bunch of BS to the Leo 

8.  A Leos life is based on experience and about finding the inner self…..Leos are spiritually driven…Leos will use music to also define their moods… so basically everything in the life of a Leo is designed to reflect the inner Self, and that is true of their spiritual world as well.

9.  Your Leo will stay devoted and committed as long as they feel valued and cherish. If you can accomplish that your Leo will give you more love and affection than you can imagine.

10.  Lastly show the Leo respect and you get respect in return

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